Easy Keto Low-Carb Recipes

Welcome to Decadent Keto Diet, a new Keto food blog sharing low-carb recipes that won’t make you feel as if you are on a diet. These recipes are easy to follow and easy to prepare. And there is a little bit of decadence in each one.

Joy’s Low-Carb Almond Brownie Recipe

Ingredients for my Low-Carb Brownie Recipe

Let’s face it, when you’re on a Keto diet (or any diet for that matter) giving up sweets of any kind is tough. Whether it is ice cream, baked goods, sweet drinks or even candy, once you have that sweet tooth activated it can be tough to just walk away.

Fortunately with the diet craze in full swing, some food manufacturers have jumped on the sugar-free bandwagon and now make sugar alternatives for baking. My mother who suffers from Type 2 Diabetes shared with me recently that Splenda makes a wonderful Brown Sugar alternative that can be used in baking. I was sold with the first batch of brownies I made and I have been hooked ever since.

Although their basic brownie recipe is delicious, I wanted something I could call mine, something different and with an original twist. After a few failed (but of course still consumed) recipes I came up with this delicious Almond Brownie recipe. It is a combination of a chocolate, almond-filled brownie topped with homemade chocolate ganache and topped with more chopped almonds.

Before you even start with the super easy brownie recipe you will want to get your Almonds prepared. I measure out a half a cup of whole almonds and then rough cut them into smaller pieces. Don’t chop them too fine because you want to be able to bite into them when you start to devour (and I do mean devour) the brownie-or brownies you are eating.

After the Almonds are chopped, set them aside and begin mixing the brownie ingredients. You will want to omit the Vanilla flavoring and substitute with Almond flavoring. Also add-in 1/4 cup of the chopped almonds. The almond flavoring takes away from the sweetness of the chocolate in my opinion which is fine because the Almond flavoring is delicious.

While the brownies are baking it is time to get your ingredients together for the Ganache topping. I use this same topping for my cheesecake recipe in my other blog www.doyouhavegrandmasrecipe.com and it has seriously become one of my favorite low-calorie toppings. In a bowl you want to either grate the Dark Chocolate bar or cut it into small pieces. Grating tends to cause the chocolate to melt a bit since you are holding it in your hand for a while, so I prefer to break the bar into small pieces.

When the brownies are done baking, remove them from the oven and allow to cool while either in the baking pan or on a cooling rack. While the brownies are cooling and when you are ready to make the ganache, pour the heavy cream into a small pot and place it over high heat. It is IMPORTANT that you don’t let the cream boil or burn. As soon as you see the cream start to simmer around the edge of the pot immediately pour it over the chocolate. Stir constantly to melt the chocolate into a rich, smooth, Ganache.

After you finish with the Ganache sprinkle the remaining chopped almonds on top of the Ganache. You can finish with a dollop of sugar free whipped cream or eat the brownie as is. Enjoy!

To keep in the spirit of this winter weather, I will share with you The Best Italian Wedding Soup Recipe you have to try!

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